Have a Mini-Gallery

Have A Mini Gallery of Your Work on Our Website

For no extra charge every member of BAS who wishes to do so can have a mini gallery of 6 images, a photo and notes about themselves and their work on the site. See the examples already set up by going to Members and click on the name and their images and a link to their website will open up. We think such publicity adds to make joining worth while and helps us know each other and our work better.

HOW TO SET UP A Mini Gallery                                                                                                   Images should be sent as high resolution digital photos, so use the highest resolution below full size if your computer gives you the choice.

If you are unsure what to do it is better to post full size JPEG images on a CD or memory stick to John Baxter 2 Lifeguard Villas, South St. Wincanton BA9 9DW including a stamped addressed envelope for their return to you. (full size images will clog up your computer if you try to email several)

If you have the software and know how, then reduce your images to 1000 pixels high or wide, whichever is the greater.  You can then email them to me in JPEG format as attachments with your notes. You can add comments to go with each image – title, size, medium.

Notes to go with them should be on a Word document. This should include as much or as little as you think is relevant i.e your approach, training, experience, record of what you have done in the past, work you might offer to do, and  contact details.

Always retain a copy on your computer of anything you send me so any loss will not be the end of the world. (I accept no responsibility for lost words or images)

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A WEB SITE                                                                                            You may choose either to dispense with displaying six images on this site and simply provide me with a web address which I can link to your site, or have 6 images as an introduction.  It is up to you.

How to take good digital photo images of your work.                                                                Switch off your flash. If possible photograph before framing behind glass to avoid reflections. The best light to use is out-door natural daylight in the shade or on a cloudy day.  Avoid direct sunlight and artificial light. Place the work on the ground and use a tripod or the back of a dining room chair to keep the camera steady. Line the picture up as evenly with each edge as you can. I will square up and crop your images and display them on the site with no frame.   If in doubt call 01963 34537 or email johnbaxter@brutonartsociety

Plan Your Mini-gallery to stay in place for Six Months to a Year and NO PRICES Please      To keep the work-load of updating the site sustainable send in six images and comments to remain for either six months or a year. All six images should be changed at once and earlier versions will be removed from the site media store.  These images should NOT have a price attached. If people wish to contact you and make offers that is between you and them.

PS If you would like professional quality photographs taken of your work, a portrait photo to go with it and a draft text to go with it,  just get in touch for a quotation.

John Baxter