Members Pages

Members who would like to have their own area on our website please email Sue at with the following attachments:

1   Up to four images of your work plus a photo of yourself (if you wish) all in jpeg format at no more than 1MB.
2   A short statement about you & your art – education, approach, recent exhibitions etc
3   Your website details if you have one. Your email address if you wish.

Please send all text as a Word document.

Retain a copy on your computer of anything you send as we cannot accept responsibility for any lost words or images


Annette Burkitt

Biddy Peppin

Camilla Frederick

Jenny de Sausmarez (Farrer)

Joanna Bentom

John Baxter

John Vallins

Judy Hall

Jules Horn

Margaret T. Kelly

Mark Pender

Miranda Pender

Sue Hardy

Tessa McIntyre

Tim Burkitt

Will Vaughan

Taking Photo images of your work.
Switch off your flash. If possible photograph before framing behind glass to avoid reflections. The best light to use is outdoor natural daylight in the shade or on a cloudy day.  Avoid direct sunlight and artificial light. Line the picture up as evenly with each edge as you can to avoid distortion


We are happy to change the information on your page if you wish to update it but no more than once every 6 months.