Camilla Frederick


Camilla moved to Batcombe in Somerset having worked for several years in London as a photographer’s agent in advertising.

!cid_312AA10B-6CAB-457C-A023-6C11E29A46E1@homeShe began her painting with still life, exploring the relationships between inanimate objects.  Her understanding of light and shade was much influenced by those years in photography.  More recently, she completed a series of figurative paintings based on homelessness, much inspired by her work with Nightstop – a life changing charity in Bristol for young people thrown on to the street.  She travels, when she can, to Africa, India and south east Asia; she enjoys painting the characters she sees and meets, such as Kukuwa here shown. 

Past Exhibitions

December 2015 Bruton Art Factory

October 2015 Wells Contemporary Art Exhibition

Camilla shows annually at the Open Art Exhibitions with both the Bruton and the Sherborne Art Societies.




I Can See You BAS

Kukuwa BAS

Nailah BAS




Tel: 01749 850303