Members Sampler

Here you find the names and as much detail including web sites as our members wish to give. To get people going I have loaded up my own images and details.

Members Works

All members who choose to do so invite you to look at samples of their work and read about their approch to art and what they think they have to offer.  Just click on the name that interests you.

Baxter John  2 Lifeguard Villas, South St., Wincanton BA9 9DW 01963 34537     Visit my Images Website, or go straight to read here about my approach as someone who draws, paints, photographs and manipulates.

Burkitt Annette In addition to her images here Annette has a page on the SAA website. Click on the blue lettering where her web page is

Burkitt Tim See his images here and on his SAA website page he is here.

Hall Judy A long standing member of BAS Judy is a member of the 303 societyThe website is,  Under West Country Artists, click artists and click appropriate picture and her Profile will come up.  Her email is

Jenny de Sausmarez (Farrer)

Many of you will know me by the name of Jenny Farrer but I have now decided to revert to my maiden name.  Click here for my website:

Horn Jules

Tessa McIntyre lives and works in North West Dorset. Her website is

Kelly Margaret T. lives in Bayford. Tel 01963  32627

Vallins John

Vaughan Will  Lower Cockhill Farm, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7NZ 01963 351840  email See here for website. Read about etchings.