Exhibition Images 2019

This year has seen the largest number of entrants we have ever had, and since their quality has also been high, this has left our three judges with a difficult situation since the Hall at Kings’ School can only take so many pictures for the main exhibition. This means we have laid on what is actually a supplementary exhibition in the former library at the school where pictures remain, at the discretion of the artists, available for purchase and of course for your scrutiny, so pop in and enjoy.

What follows is a representative selection of 53 images to show you what a great exhibition we have this year.  Everyone cannot be represented, glazed pictures are a problem when it comes to photographing them, and the choice is simply mine.  Mea Culpa.

John Baxter

Crowds of artists arrive to book in their amazing work.
Our three judges keep smiling after hourss of choosing. Paul Newman, William Vaughan, Fiona McIntyre.