Members Sampler

Members Sampler

All members who choose to do so invite you to look at samples of their work and read about their approach to art and what they think they have to offer. Scroll down the list and click on the artist whose work interests you.

Members who would like to be featured.
Send me an email with the following attachments. Up to six images of your work and a portrait photo all in jpeg format please.
A short description of your approach to art, about yourself , courses, training and teachers you might like to mention, and exhibitions where your work has been shown.
A link to your website and your email, as you wish.  Please send all this as a Word document.

Email to me or call 01963 34537 if you need to discuss anything.

See the examples already set up. We think providing this adds to make joining worth while and helps us know each other and our work better.

Always retain a copy on your computer of anything you send me so any loss will not be the end of the world. (I accept no responsibility for lost words or images)

Taking Photo images of your work.
Switch off your flash. If possible photograph before framing behind glass to avoid reflections. The best light to use is out-door natural daylight in the shade or on a cloudy day.  Avoid direct sunlight and artificial light. Place the work on the ground and use a tripod or the back of a dining room chair to keep the camera steady. Line the picture up as evenly with each edge as you can. Plan Your Mini-gallery to stay in place for Six Months to a Year and NO PRICES Please     PS If you would like professional quality photographs taken of your work, a portrait photo to go with it and a draft text to go with it,  just get in touch for a quotation.

John Baxter