South West Art Courses

South West Art Courses is the only City and Guilds centre in this area, where adults can join a small class, part-time, and work towards an internationally recognised qualification. In this time of life long learning, the Level 2 Certificate is not only an excellent qualification to achieve but it will also pave the way to accessing an Art Foundation degree course, should the learner wish to take their art studies further.

We have a City and Guilds Open Day coming up on Thursday 16th February, 10.30am – 3pm, at The Studio, Grassroots, Henstridge, BA8 0SA.

Our next Level 2 Certificate in Creative Technique in 2D starts in April and will run for 35 weeks in term time, one day a week, which for this intake will be a Friday. (10 – 3). There are extra drop-in studio sessions included with a tutor on hand to help learners achieve their full potential. There is currently a discount of £350 for enrolment in 2023, bringing the course fee down to £3850, from £4200. The course price includes over 175 hours of tuition across the 35 weeks, materials, City and Guilds registration, Assessment, and studio practical sessions. We have a City and Guilds member’s site on our website where lesson notes and other course information can be accessed.

This fantastic course covers the vital elements of art, colour, line, shape, form, value, texture, space, and guides the learner through the processes of experimentation and planning, to enable the production and display of finished art works. Students will explore the use of a sketchbook to record and evaluate their experimentation. Supported by regular tutorials and studio discussion, learners are encouraged to engage in the research of historical and contemporary practice to help inform and develop their own creativity.

Our learners come with a variety of experience. Due to small class size, learners are able to work to their own level, so that no matter the level of experience, learners can also be stretched and challenged. They will also have the opportunity to try different 2D techniques, with many of the materials provided.

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