Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition

Just a taster to encourage you to go.  The few images I have chosen simply reflect my search for the “wow factor” and a bias towards the figurative. 
Of course what my photos loose is the impact of scale.  Large pictures can make a bigger impact – well, sometimes. Organised or curated by Grayson Perry this year – the Central Hall and Gallery 3, reflected his playful, joyful, sardonic and open mood.  I thought it made people smile and engage far more than usual.

This collection of old rocks and a red disk welcomes you.


















Up the stairs and into the Wohl Central Hall.  No title I could find, but surely a Grayson Perry.



















A fantastic portrait, larger than life size, of the eminent artist  Ken Howard upstaged I thought by Tim Hall.

















Reminded me somehow of Goya in a dark mood.











Pretentious  Title. Science without Religion is Lame, Religion without Science is Blind.  Great pencil drawing  and about 6 feet across.











Wonderful room of amazing and weird architectural models











Great rendering in resplendent detail and about 15 feet wide of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.











And a decorated dog to take out for a walk


















And the work that seemed to attract more sales than any other I saw -this moody photo.

NB Photos simply treated as another medium.


















Running on a 15 minute loop this replicant lovely winked, moved and twisted while fixing the observer with a cold stare.

















Memories of the days when a transistor radio with casettes was cutting edge.  Here portrayed in cardboard.










Hope you have enjoyed.  John Baxter.