Hauser and Wirth Symposium 19th Oct. Message and Medium

If you saw  the powerful and disturbing exhibition Jenny Holzer. Softer Targets which continues on until the end of October, this one day Symposium looks really interesting.

19 October 2015, 11.30 am – 4.30 pm   THE MESSAGE AND THE MEDIUM
 ‘It is the artist’s job to try to dislocate older media into postures that permit attention to the new. To this end, the artist must ever play and experiment with new means of arranging experience, even though the majority of his audience may prefer to remain fixed in their old perceptual attitudes.’ (McLuhan, 2011)

McLuhan’s statement suggests that there is a discrepancy between those who make art and the audience who view it, and, in the way we describe it today, those who consume it.

To celebrate the exhibition ‘Jenny Holzer. Softer Targets’, this symposium will draw together artists, thinkers and writers who share an interest in language and / or technology as medium and / or message.

Speakers will include John Bird, Ruth Blacksell, Dave Beech and Pavel Büchler.

Visit the Hauser and Wirth website to reserve your tickets. £50.  £30 for OAPs and Students and this includes lunch.
John Baxter.









The day will include time to view the exhibition and lunch will be served in the Roth Bar and Grill.


Tickets £50/£30 concessions (please bring proof of ID with you) to include refreshments and lunch from the Roth Bar & Grill